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Sulabh School Sanitation Club

The Sulabh School Sanitation Club is an exciting, educational programme for learners, teachers and parents. The objective of the Club is to promote sanitation awareness through a range of fun, interactive activities including basic personal hygiene, safety and education, health and environmental issues.

The programmes are run on a quarterly basis and reviewed by Sulabh who participate in the Club’s quarterly meetings.

Each quarter has a theme, which addresses the Sanitation Club’s objectives.

School Sanitation Club Objectives:


For sustainable impact and change to occur, continuous education is key.
The Sanitation Club is an educational programme resulting in learners being well-informed on a range of environmental, sanitation and health issues, with the outcome that learners take care of their renovated toilet facilities.

The challenges addressed include:

  • The environment, water and sanitation
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Substance abuse
  • HIV


Basic Personal hygiene is a priority for the Sanitation Club. This includes regular replenishment of toilet paper, proper handwashing after using the toilet, using the sanitary bins provided, flushing toilets after use and ensuring the toilet area is left clean and dry for fellow-learners to use.


Safety is another important aspect of responsible use of toilet facilities.

This objective sets out to remind learners to lock the door when using the toilet facilities and to keep the toilet area clear (no storage or cleaning materials on the floor) as per Health and Safety Regulations.

Clean toilets

Ensuring the toilets at the school are kept clean, tidy and hygienic is key to the Sanitation Club objectives.This includes ensuring the toilets are used responsibly.For example, ensuring only toilet paper is used in the toilets, proper use of sanitary bins, no removal of items from inside the cisterns to avoid malfunctioning of the toilets.
Ceilings, doors, floors are kept dry and clean and taps are closed after use to conserve water.
Any breakages within the facilities including windows, cisterns, lights, taps, pipes are reported to the Project Leader – a key contact at the school with whom Sulabh communicates.


The Sanitation Club started as an advocacy programme by the Founder Dr Pathak to create sanitation and environmental awareness amongst learners, with the realisation that healthy habits formed at an early age creates sustainable and lasting change into adulthood. Further that learners become advocates for change, as they practise healthy hygiene habits at school and act as role models, to their family and communities.

Since inception in India, the Sanitation Club has grown to over 200 clubs nationwide, informing and inspiring youth to practise positive habits at school such as proper handwashing, hygiene and maintenance.

In South Africa, the Sanitation Club aims to impact learners in schools nationally, thereby ensuring sustainability and quality of Sulabh projects.

The Sanitation Club is a global, youth-centred movement that enables learners to take responsibility for their health, safety and environment, enjoying fewer sick-days, improving their concentration-levels and capacity to learn, providing a transformative educational experience and ultimately positively impacting their future.


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